Too Far Gone

Hello Walkers,

This week’s post is going to be moderately somber in nature.


The voice of reason, the center of morality, a beacon of hope in the world of The Walking Dead has been beheaded. There you have it, folks. Hershel is dead. Christmas is cancelled.

 Let me first just say that one of my top favorite characters in the comic series is Dale, and since he didn’t make it very long in the comics, I eventually moved on to Hershel as a new addition to my absolute favorites list. I actually cried during a couple scenes of this week’s episode. Dude, thinking about it is making me tear up a bit. But, I knew he wasn’t’ gonna make it.

The Talking Dead posted on Facebook and wrote something along the lines of, “This week’s episode featuring Robert Kirkman, Lauren Cohan, and surprise guest.” I commented with, “Goodbye Maggie and/or Hershel.” Valid response seeing how Hershel DIED. I didn’t want it to be true! I was actually screaming and shouting in my dorm room with my friends Sunday night.


That entire episode brought my anxiety levels to an all time high (well, in regards to the show I mean). I couldn’t take it, but I couldn’t look away! I really enjoyed the episode though, fav. character death and all. For one thing, there were moments that paid homage to the comics (something I look for, and squeal over when it occurs), and THE GOVERNOR IS FUCKING DEAD YOU GUYS. Finally, damn.

It’s really hard for me to watch people using themselves as weapons against any living creature, but I had to watch the scene when the Governor was beating the life out of Rick. At that point, I was thinking, “Well shit, they might do anything at this point, so I’d better watch!”. I loved that Lilly killed the Governor because Lilly from Woodbury kills him in the comics.

My favorite part of the entire episode- again because of nerdy, hipster reasons- was the ending. The scene when Rick and Carl are limping away from the prison is a memorable moment also in the comics. Despite the horror and anguish of the episode, I became a bit giddy and sentimental (yes, at the same time) during that part. I feel bad for my friends, because I’m always saying, “That happens in the comics!” or “Hold on, let me pull up The Walking Dead wiki so I can show you what I’m talking about”. I’m THAT person. How can you blame me though? You know this show is like the best shit ever.

I’ll be doing two Podcasts this week, one airing tomorrow night (12/3), and the other Thursday night (12/5). Look for those coming up! Also, I’ll still be running this blog despite the break in season. I’ll be digging into general zombie culture and news, so look for that as well.

Hope to hear from you guys,

Walkers United


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